The Power Board

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By Anthony Chertudi

I designed the power board with one thing in mind, optimizing power and endurance. The rounded balls were designed for warming up and long endurance hanging.  They were also designed to assist in the rehabilitation of torn hand and finger tendons because there is minimal strain on the tendons.   Every hold on the board has ample space to practice open, closed, and knuckled-up crimp positions.  The rounded holds are designed to isolate fingers simulating one, two, and three finger pockets.  The holds are also designed for tendon rehab, not forcing the hand into the closed crimp position.  These rounded holds are in-cut toward the back of the board; this makes it easy to replicate the closed crimp position.  The power board has many pinch options.  The most difficult of the pinches are located on the outside of the board.  The board also features gastons found on the outer sections of each hold.

Recommended and proven POWER training program:

First, one must find how long one can hang on the rounded balls.  Simply warm up by hanging for a few seconds and repeat 5 times.  After resting, hang for as long as possible, or until failure.  This will give you a good idea of your max hang time.  This max time will be decreased in time the smaller the holds you hang on.   Do the same on all the holds on the board to find your max time.  Once you have established your max, you can customize your training for the type of holds with which you are interested.  Note- it is always a good idea to train your weakness, this will make you stronger and less prone to injury.  Also, it is extremely important that you cycle from power to endurance.   This will help avoid plateau.  I have used this method of training to break through many grade barriers.

Here is a training example:

  • Warm up on Balls- hang on balls for10 seconds (repeat 5 times)
  • 1st crimp row – hang on crimps for 20 seconds (repeat 5 times)
  • 2nd crimp row- hang on crimps for 15 seconds (repeat 5 times)
  • 3rd crimp row – hang on crimps for 10 seconds (repeat 5 times)
  • REPEAT using pinches
  • REPEAT using gastons

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All hangboards made in the USA.