Owner’s Manual is here for Blank Slate’s original Vertical, Overhang, and Slim units.

We no longer publish our other products Owner’s Manuals as other companies copy our manuals and photos without permission.  You will receive an Owner’s Manual with your model.  If you don’t, for some reason, please contact us at info@blankslateclimbing.com


The following are some of our frequently asked questions and their answers

How do I know if the Blank Slate will fit my doorway?

Please use these parameters to help determine fitting

  • A. With the door open, the doorway is at least 22 inches wide (so that the U-bars can fit);
  • B. Clearance of 9 1/2 inches between the top of the top door trim and ceiling (for the Blank Slate panel) and 3 1/4 inches for slim;
  • C. Existence of top door trim on one side of the wall, and side door trim on the other side of the wall;
  • D. Thickness of the door frame needs to be somewhere between 4 1/2 inches and 8 1/2 inches (measured from the wall where the back support will sit on top of the door trim, to the outer edge of the side door trim);
  • E. Height of the top door frame cannot be more than 6 inches.

Will the crossbar fit in my doorframe?

Our “classic” Blank Slate models use a crossbar. Crossbar comes in two sizes:  The standard size which is sent with our Blank Slate unit is 42″.

We offer an alternative size crossbar which is 36″.  It can be purchased separately in our products section.

Our Apex models and Double Mega models do not use a crossbar.

Which Blank Slate would be best for me?

A. If you are a beginning to intermediate climber, we recommend any of the Apex models. If you are advanced, an Double Mega would be a good option.

B. Addition of a hangboard like Peacemaker (beginner to intermediate), or Kraken / Powerboard (intermediate to advanced) would be the simplest set-up, as hangboards will give you variety of training options without you having to think about how you want to set up your Blank Slate too much.

C. Addition of hold sets to the Blank Slate (instead of hangboards) gives you the flexibility to change your holds as your training needs change. For example, if you have a particular bouldering problem that you are working on, which has pinches as part of the problem, you can swap out one of the jugs with a pinch, to work on that particular feature. Easy Listening would be a good set for beginners, and Black Mamba and Key Limb Pie for intermediate, and Hard Rock for advanced. If you are looking for a sloper, Dude’s Ball is a great option.

For customers who like the look and feel of wood, we recommend our Monkey Board.  It is designed to be modular which allows you to rotate and change your pieces according to your workout needs.

Can I put non-Blank Slate hangboards and holds on my Blank Slate unit?

Yes!  Our Blank Slates are designed for bolt-on hangboards (not screw-ons);  There is no industry standard on hole spacing so if you attach a non-Blank Slate hangboard, the hole spacing will most likely be different and you may need to drill additional holes; most hangboards are screw-ons (where you drill holes and put wood screws), but ours is bolt-on (where you turn the bolts into the t-nuts – you don’t even have to get out your drill to install).  As a reminder, We are not liable for  modified use other than stated in the owner’s manual.  Also, the weight limit is 300 lbs.

Do you ship internationally?

Answer:  Yes, we do!  This is done on a “per-order” basis. Many Countries are already added in the checkout section.  Unfortunately, the rates quoted are often “Generic” rates for certain areas. We are in an ongoing effort to improve our shipping rates. If you are interested in a more accurate quote, Please send us a note in the info@blankslateclimbing.com mailbox, including your name, address, country, county and zipcode, phone number, email and exactly which items you would be ordering.  We will give you a shipping quote as soon as possible.  Also, many areas are not serviced by USPS and UPS, or, if they are, the prices are quite high.  If you have suggestions for alternative shipping ideas to your area, please do let us know.  We appreciate your input.

How long will my order take to be processed?

We endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible as we know how exciting it is to get your order promptly, however please allow 24 – 72 working hours as a guide.

PLEASE NOTE: At BSC we bring continuous improvement to our products through our experience and development.  Consequently, expect periodic updates in the online owner’s manual or FAQ Updates.  These updates can be found at either the manual or the updates on FAQ. 


1. We no longer include silicone bands to hold ipods and cell phones.These can be purchased separately if you would like them. They are in the products section on the website.

2.   The back support bar/bumpers and wood panel don’t have countersunk holes. Instead, you tighten the bolt and nut until the countersink bolt goes flush or slightly below the surface of the wood. The result will be secure and work well.

Keep up to date for great things!


We hope this information is helpful to you.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at info@blankslateclimbing.com

We work with our customers closely to make sure that they are completely satisfied, and if things don’t work out, we gladly accept reasonable returns as long as they are in new, resellable condition and have not been altered. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase, and at customer expense .  A restocking fee of 25% will be applied to product return. See our returns section on your receipt. Our suggestion is to hold off drilling additional holes on the panel if you can, until you’ve assembled the  Blank Slate and hang from it to make sure that you like it. We do stand by the quality of our product! 


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