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About Our Hangboards

Blank Slate Climbing Hangboards make indoor rock climbing training easy.

Blank Slate Climbing Hang boards are designed precisely to improve finger strength and technique. With features like big jugs, a perfect sloper rail, varying pinches, crimp rows, and an array of sweet pockets, many types of climbing exercises can be performed. Stuck in a plateau? Don’t worry, Blank Slate Climbing Hangboards will increase your power and finger strength – guaranteed! You’ll make gains faster than ever in the comfort of your home. Be prepared to see dramatic improvement when you’re out rock climbing. We engineered our products to mount above any door so you can train in any room. Customize your board with different style holds available here.  Indoor rock climbing has never been easier. Get rid of climbers fatigue once and for all with a Blank Slate Climbing hangboard. Did we mention that it’s great exercise for the whole family?

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