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About Our Holds

Customize your Blank Slate Climbing Board with our featured hold sets.  Spice up your hangboard or training board workout with one of our kits. We offer the most sought after style of holds such as Jugs, Mini-jugs, Slopers, Incuts, & more hold styles. Blank Slate Holds last longer and have a better, more natural grip than your typical cheap quality hold. Various features provide a wide variety of exercise possibilities. Our holds are compatible with all versions of our offered training boards and hangboards. Installation is very easy. Check out our owners manual here for help setting up your new board.

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Blank Slate Climbing 3 1/2″ Wood Half Ball Set

3 1/2″ Wood Half Ball Set


4 1/2″ Wood Half Ball Set


Blank Slate Climbing 6″ Wood Half Ball Set

6″ Wood Half Ball Set


All of our other holds are being redesigned and manufactured.
As soon as they’re ready we’ll make them available to buy.

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