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Adjustable Wood Pinch Set


Adjustable Wood Pinch Hold Set

(Set includes: one 3.5″ x 3.5″ back piece with mounting bolt, one straight piece with mounting bolt, one triangle piece with mounting bolt. Does not include Hex Key. See product picture.)

  • This unique Wood Pinch Hold set allows for multiple positions of features for maximum strength- building on hands and fingers.
  • Pinch set easily adjusts by loosening the bolt and moving the pinch into desired position, then tighten the bolt securely.  Features can also be moved to different hole positions on the modular backpiece.  This gives user the best versatility for training.
  • Made in USA with quality wood products
  • Custom “Wood Plus” texture is soft on your skin but doesn’t burn or scratch.

(Some pictures show two sets mounted on board, or two sets in the picture)

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