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Deluxe Combo Set #12


Blank Slate Climbing Deluxe Combo Set #12

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Deluxe Combo Set #12

Our favorite choice for the serious climber…

This set-up is your “Ace-in-the-hole”. When you’re dealing with all of the cards in the right place at the same time, this is it!   Our Apex L2-W plus our Monkey Board Wooden Modular Training System get dealt with our 4.5″ Wood Half Balls, our Duffel bag and Stainless Steel Tumbler, Theraputty, an Anchor/Carabiner set, and the book “9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes”… you’re sure to have a winning hand!  And fingers, and arms too!

This awesome DELUXE combo set will help get you ripped and ready for your next climbing adventure or Ninja-Warrior-style event!


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