COMBO#13 Apex L2-W + Monkey Board + 3-1/2″ Wood Half Ball Add-on for Monkey Board


COMBO#13 Apex L2-W + Monkey Board + 3-1/2″ Wood Half Ball Add-on for Monkey Board

What a great combination – excellent variety of pieces designed with the help of professional climbers, and has all the goodies!

Apex L2-W

Apex Climbing Gym

When you buy these two products together, you’re ready to start your SERIOUS workout!!

Apex L2-W unit + MONKEY BOARD Wooden Modular Training System hangboard

This is the best combination of products to help you ACE your skills.
The Apex L2-W allows plenty of space for you to add on more products into your workout routine.
Combine that with the new MONKEY BOARD modular series, which allows you to convert Pieces and get additional pieces to add on as you grow!



Our latest product line – Monkey Board Wooden Modular Training System is designed to fit on our Apex Training Boards.

The base set unit includes a left hand and a right hand (set of 2) containing slopes, pinches, small Triangle pinch, sloped rails, rails, edges, jugs.

Pieces are designed to be adjustable and/or modular. Pieces can be moved to different positions.

More modular pieces coming soon. Apex climbing gym
(Larger Triangle pinches in picture sold separately)

Custom “Wood Plus” texture is soft on skin but doesn’t burn or scratch
Large full hand jugs
Full Palm sloper flat rail
30 and 45 degree slopers
Crimp rail
Adjustable pinches: Rail can have the angle changed for different width pinches. Replace with different pinch types
Adjustable board width Rail system:
One way:
Three sloped rails
2 pad sloper
1 pad sloper
1 1/2 pad edged sloper

Two different depth flat edges
One sloped Edge

3-1/2″ Wood Half Balls (Set of two)

These beautiful, textured, real wood  3-1/2″ Wood Half Balls Modular (Set of two) are designed to fit our Monkey Board  Wooden Modular Training System.

They are designed  as ADD-ON FEATURE to fit one on the left side and one on the right side of the Monkey Board.

They can be placed in various positions, allowing flexibility to your workout routine.

Each Half Ball comes with mounting bolts.

Due to the nature of real wood, there may be variations of the look and texture of the wood.  This is normal.

Additional Information

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions36 × 18 × 5 in