COMBO#14 Apex L2-W + Peacemaker + 4/12″ Half Balls (Set of two)


COMBO#14 Apex L2-W + Peacemaker + 4/12″ Half Balls (Set of two)


These new training board models are designed to fit in your doorway without having to remove the door!

This allows for more doorway options, because these training board units fit behind the door and rest above the door hinge.

Easy to assemble and install in minutes!

The adjustable features allow you to change the incline and intensity of your training as you progress.

Take your indoor climbing to the next level by using this door-mounted training station at your home without damaging your wall.

Fits doors with 28” to 32” inside dimensions

Made in the USA. Built to last. Patented

Hangboard training – The Peacemaker

Improve arm & finger strength like never before.

Hangboard training is easier than ever. Attach the Peacemaker with just 2 Burly Bolts, included. This massive board spans the width of the Blank Slate Apex Models and Blank Slate Double Mega with two big jugs, a perfect sloper rail, varying pinches, crimp rows, and an array of sweet pockets.

4-1/2″ Wood Half Balls (Set of two) 

These beautiful, textured, real wood  4-1/2″ Wood Half Balls (Set of two) are designed to fit our Apex L2-W and S2-W models and Double Mega.

Our unique textured wood is easy to grip and doesn’t chafe the hands.

They can be placed in various positions, allowing flexibility to your workout routine.

Each Half Ball comes with mounting bolts.

Due to the nature of real wood, there may be variations of the look and texture of the wood.  This is normal.

Additional Information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions36 × 18 × 6 in